ggraph all grown up 🎈🦒

Thomas Lin Pedersen (known aliases: @thomasp85, data imaginist) has quite an array of cool packages, all of which you should check out. However, in celebration its CRANniversary 🎈 I thought ggraph deserved a roundup post of its own.1

Dispatches from a proud papa 👨

ggraph: A grammar of graphics for relational data

The repo from whence it sprang…

Data Driven Logo Design with ggraph and gtable

A place for ggraph announcements 🌟 to call home.

Announcing ggraph: A grammar of graphics for relational data

Introduction to ggraph: Layouts

Introduction to ggraph: Nodes

Introduction to ggraph: Edges

Applied posts from fellow fans 📝

A Gentle Introduction to Network Visualisation by Colin Fay

How to create correlation network plots with corrr and ggraph by Simon Jackson

Plotting trees from Random Forest models with ggraph by Shirin Glander

Holy ifelse() statements Batman! by Austin Wehrwein

Tada! 🎉

As always, I’m sure there are many more posts out there I’ve missed. If there’s something you’d like to see added, send me a tweet 🐦  (@dataandme).

  1. And by “post” I do, of course, really mean collection of tweets.

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