Hammertime ✖️ tibbletime

A very silly bit of R fun, featuring 📦: tibbletime, tidyquant, and magick packages (as well as an awesome gif of MC Hammer by someone named bert).

The code itself (see RPub here) is a combination of Tidy time series Analysis with tibbletime by Matt Dancho, and How to Add a Logo to ggplot by Magick by Daniel P. Hadley (in which you’ll learn how to make a very awesome Vincent-Vega version of an mtcars scatter-plot, below).

If you’re not horrified by the affront to data visualization, you might also enjoy the Archer-character charts I made based on Daniel’s tutorial a few months back (complete with code ➡️ Arch dossiers repo).

Aww, heck, here’s another!

Now 🛑 STOP: tibbletime