Docker-izing your work in R 🐳

Updated: 2018-08-19

I am decidedly a novice when it comes to any and all things Docker (which, incidentally, is why I’ve been reading these posts). But, since it’s helpful for me to have all of these resources together in one place, I thought I’d share the love around.1

R Docker turorial for reproducible research. via rOpenSci Labs

This is actually a series of 6 lessons put together at the rOpenSci unconf in 2016.

Docker for the UseR by Noam Ross

Enough Docker to be Dangerous by Sean Kross

liftr πŸ“¦ by Nan Xiao

liftr aims to solve the problem of persistent reproducible reporting. To achieve this goal, it extends the R Markdown metadata format, and uses Docker to containerize and render R Markdown documents.

You can also learn more about liftr from the slides from Nan Xiao’s talk from JSM 2018! πŸ‘‡

Docker for R Package Development by Jim Hester

An R-docker hello world example via symbolix

How to get started with data science in containers by Jamie Hall

This post isn’t R-specific, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful!

Dockerized Shiny App development by Tamas Szilagyi

stevedore: A docker client for R by Rich FitzJohn

Using RSelenium and Docker To Webscrape In R - Using The WHO Snake Database by Callum Taylor

Dockerise and deploy your own R Archive Repo by Colin Fay

Shipping Data Science Products with R and Docker by Steph Locke

Fin πŸŽ‰

Additions? Questions? Comments? Snide remarks? Feel free to tweet me @dataandme 🐦, and/or comment below!

  1. Speaking of sharing love: cred for Nyan Whale (i.e.Β the banner gif 🌈) goes to Andrew Kennedy!↩