2017 - A 🐦❤️ year in review

I have no words of wisdom when it comes to summing up 2017. 🙊 So, I guess I’ll let some algorithm do the talking.1 🤖💬 Behold 🙌: two Top Tweets for each month (according to Twitter analytics), some more R-related than others.

January 🎊

RStudio IDE Easy Tricks You Might’ve Missed by Sean Lopp

Data Visualisation Does Political Things by Joanna Boehnert

February ❄️

Data Transformation Cheat Sheet via RStudio

Probability Cheatsheet v2.0 by Joe Blitzstein and William Chen

March 🌬️

DiagrammeR by Richard Iannone

NHL shots analysis using Plotly shapes by Pravendra Singh

April ☔

A Compendium of Clean Graphs in R Version 2.0 by Eric-Jan Wagenmakers and Quentin F. Gronau

Conditional probability: A Visual explanation by Victor Powell

May 🌸

Apply Functions Cheat Sheet via RStudio

Every Color Of Cardigan Mister Rogers Wore From 1979-2001 by Owen Phillips

June 🎓

skimr: A frictionless, pipeable approach to dealing with summary statistics via rOpenSci

29 common beginner Python errors on one page via Python for Biologists

July 🕶️

Introducing learnr by Garrett Grolemund

You Say Data, I Say System by Jer Thorp

August 😅

Basic Regular Expressions in R Cheat Sheet by Ian Kopacka

Visualization Analysis & Design by Tamara Munzer

September 🍂

Network visualization with R by Katya Ognyanova

Data Import Cheat Sheet via RStudio

October 🎃

Introduction to gghighlight by Hiroaki Yutani

You draw the chart: How has life changed in 60 years? by Wesley Stephenson

November 🦃

Working with Play-by-Play Sports Data: Using SQL & R by James Curley

tidyverse 1.2.0

December 🎄

Visualizing text data with ggplot2 by Colin Fay

Data Visualization for Social Science: A practical introduction with R and ggplot2 by Kieran Healy

  1. With some mild editorializing to include at least a few useful things along the way.