Keeping up with blogdown 🌟

Updated: 2019-03-05

Pro tip!

Alison Presmanes Hill has been writing a series of posts, each a different “Spoonful of Hugo.” If you’re building your blog on Hugo, these will make your life much easier in the long run, and are not to be missed! As of today, the topics covered are:

  1. Archetypes
  2. The netlify.toml file
  3. Page bundles
  4. Troubleshooting your build

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

I’ve loved blogdown 📦 for so long, that I was kind of shocked 😱 when I saw Yinui Xie’s post, Announcing blogdown: Create Websites with R Markdown, on the RStudio blog just last month!

Have people really been living without the magic ✨ of blogdown in their lives for so long?! If you are one of these people, then hopefully this post (which, yes, is really just a roundup of tweets) will inspire you to join in on the fun 👯.

blogdown: the definitive guide 📖

Obviously I dig all the resources that will ensue, but I’d be remiss were I not to point out that the bookdown book, blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown by Yihui Xie, Amber Thomas, and Alison Presmanes Hill, is where it’s at 🙌.

In addition to covering the how-to from start to finish, it’s constantly being updated (last was 📅 2018-02-12, as of this writing)– so, it’s a real go-to!

They’ve also added a minimal blogdown demo site, which is incredibly helpful if you’re just getting set up.

Further blogdown resources abound 😍

Getting down and up with blogging in R by Emi Tanaka

Building a Blog with Blogdown and GitHub by Tyler Clavelle

Making a Website Using Blogdown, Hugo, and Github pages by Amber Thomas

Up and running with blogdown by Alison Presmanes Hill

And a more recent variation on her talk:

Blinging up your website built with hugo via blogdown R packageby Emi Tanaka

Blogdown: code folding, and migration from wordpress by Sébastien Rochette

Making Websites with R Markdown: A Sneak Peek of blogdown by Yihui Xie

Blogdown tutorials (Parts 1 - 4) by Peter Baumgartner

Building a Blogdown Site with Travis-CI by Neal Richardson

Make Your Own Blog Using R by Claudia Vitolo

Creating websites in R by Emily Zabor

Awesome blogdown: a curated list of blogs built using blogdown by Mark Sellors

Fin…for now 😬

There are a ton of blogdown resources out there, many of which I haven’t covered here (especially when it comes to moving from a specific platform to blogdown, which could be a category unto itself). As always, tweet me (@dataandme) 🐦, or comment if you have questions and/or suggestions. Perhaps a second roundup will be in store for blogdown.