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Updated: 📆 2018-10-06.

🎉🐱  purrr-tiest cheat sheet

Purrr royal decree (ok, I’ll stop with the 🐱  puns now), the purrr 📦  now has its very own official RStudio cheat sheet: Apply Functions Cheat Sheet

The purrr package makes it easy to work with lists and functions. This cheatsheet will remind you how to manipulate lists with purrr as well as how to apply functions iteratively to each element of a list or vector. The back of the cheatsheet explains how to work with list-columns. With list columns, you can use a simple data frame to organize any collection of objects in R.

So, I thought we’d celebrate with a bit of a purrr 🐦  tweet roundup:

Iteration of functions with purrr by Lise Vaudor

purrr tutorial: lessons and examples by Jenny Bryan

Introduction to purrr by Jennifer Thompson

Labeling Data with purrr by Jason Becker

Measuring Gobbledygook by Julia Silge

Use quick formula functions in purrr::map (+ base vs tidtyverse idiom comparisons/examples) by Bob Rudis

Make ggplot2 purrr by Bruno Rodrigues

It’s lists all the way down by Bruno Rodrigues

There’s also It’s lists all the way down, part 2: We need to go deeper.

Putting square pegs in round holes: Using list-cols in your dataframe by Jenny Bryan

Managing many models with R by Hadley Wickham

The Many-Faced Future by Henrik Bengtsson

U.S. Drought Animations with the “Witch’s Brew” (purrr + broom + magick) by Bob Rudis

purrr workshop by Charlotte Wickham

Pur(r)ify Your Carets by Rahul Sangole

PURRRty PowerPoint with R by Len Kiefer

There’s also Purrrtier PowerPoint with R, which covers the use of rvg for vector graphics.

A Crazy Little Thing Called {purrr} - Part 1 : Web Mining by Colin Fay

Now with part two: A Crazy Little Thing Called {purrr} - Part 2 : Text Wrangling

Part three (which, apparently, I neglected to tweet): A Crazy Little Thing Called {purrr} - Part 3 : Setting NA

Part four: A Crazy Little Thing Called {purrr} - Part 4: mappers

Part five: A Crazy Little Thing Called {purrr} - Part 5: code optimization

And part six: A Crazy Little Thing Called {purrr} - Part 6 : doing statistics

(How to) Write a purrr-like adverb by Colin Fay

Reproducible Shiny App Development with Modules by Paul Campbell

Making many added variable plots with purrr and ggplot2 by Ariel Muldoon

Calculating quantiles for groups with dplyr::summarize and purrr::partial by Tyler Bradley

Import a Directory of CSV Files at Once Using {purrr} and {readr} by Garrick Aden-Buie


This is a far cry from an exhaustive collection. If you’ve written something you think belongs here, send me a tweet 🐦  (@dataandme), or leave a comment. Blogging isn’t exactly the best format for updated lists, but I’m hoping to cook up a better method soon!