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It’s not much in the way of a post, but (as tweeted earlier 👇), I’ve been digging refind of late.1

Yes, it’s just another bookmarking tool— or discovery engine, or whatever it is the kids are calling things these days… The point is, it takes all the links from my tweets 🐦, and puts them in a much more browsable format. You also get to avoid my side comments and emoji-annotation, which is 👍 or 👎, depending on whom you ask.

See? All the cards in the banner started out as tweets:

A tidy text analysis of Rick and Morty by Tamas Szilagyi

RStudio v1.1 Released by Jonathan McPherson

How I built a scraper to measure activity of MPs by Maarten Lambrechts

An extensive tutorial of D3partitionR 0.2 by Antoine Guillot

Ah, the magic of Web APIs! ✨

So, here’s your formal invitation 📜, should you care to join in on the fun!

  1. Scout’s honor 💁🏼‍♀️, I’m not in it for the billion imaginary coins, or whatever it is the claim to be giving away.↩

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