tidyeval resource roundup

Updated: 2018-10-06

Though, naturally, the Honorable Professor Doctor Sir Lord General Hadley Wickham’s Programming with dplyr article is the ne plus ultra of getting oneself aquainted with the latest and greatest in tidyeval programming recipes, quoting, and quasiquotation; there are some other resources out there.

After posting a link to Edwin Thoen’s ⭐️ Tidy evaluation, most common actions, I was asked if there were other tidyeval tutorials I knew of. And so, here are some resources I’ve found and tweeted.1

Tidy evaluation in 5 minutes by Hadley Wickham

Quotes, Quotation and Quasiquotation by Charlotte Wickham

Lesser known dplyr 0.7* tricks by Bruno Rodrigues

Why I find tidyeval useful by Bruno Rodrigues

Excluding Rows by Romain François

set_na_where(): a nonstandard evaluation use case by Tristan Mahr

Down the rabbit hole with tidy eval — Part 1 by Colin Fay

Non-standard evaluation, how tidy eval builds on base R by Edwin Thoen

Tidyeval meets PDF table hell by Luis Verde Arregoitia

My First Steps into The World of Tidy Eval by Omayma

dplyr 0.7.0: tidyeval / programming with dplyr by Marianna Foos

Do it With Quasi-Quotation by Jameel Alsalam

Theory free tidyeval by John MacKintosh

How do I make my own dplyr-style functions? by Nic Crane

Making Sense of dplyr 0.6 by Jason Becker

gentle non-standard evaluation in dplyr 0.6 by Alex Hayes

filter with context by Romain François

📽 Tidy Evaluation by Lionel Henry and Hadley Wickham

n.b. these are likely not as up-to-date as Programming with dplyr, but I like the visuals— so, they’re here

Overscoping and eval by Thomas Mailund

Ta-da 🎉

If you’ve written and/or found more examples that you think would be helpful to have in here, by all means give me a shout! Actually, a tweet 🐦 (@dataandme) would probably be best…which, I know, is totally tragic.

  1. Yes, I’m just leaving them as tweets, because they already have author names, and screenshots and…y’know what? If you don’t want them in tweet form, go write your own post! (I’m kidding, of course 😉)