Boston EARL Keynote

The rumors are true 😱 (ok, maybe there weren’t really any rumors), I’ll be speaking at the “Enterprise Applications of the R Language”, better known as EARL, conference in Boston. Technically, it’s a keynote (🗝📝). But, since I’ve never even given a regular note, I can’t really say whether or not there will be more 🔑s involved than usual.1

Actual real adult data scientist, David Robinson (aka @drob), will also be keynoting,2 which means you should totally go.

Since there are few things I loathe more than attempting to write about myself,3 you should check out the announcement on the Mango blog for details: Boston EARL Keynote speaker announcement: Mara Averick.

  1. Don’t worry! Yes, I know that keys (as in 🔐) and keynotes (as in 🗣) are entirely unrelated.

  2. I’m pretty sure that’s not a real word, but you get the idea…

  3. Without the help of Mango’s brilliant marketing maven, Karis Bouher, I’d still be trying to choose a word to follow “Mara Averick is” in my bio. (It started out as “Mara Averick was”, but then the kind people of Twitter informed me that such a use of the past tense is best restricted to obituaries).