Stringr Visual Cheat Sheet

So, kinda the whole point of this “making-a-blog” endeavor (aside from getting to play with Yihui Xie’s super awesome blogdown 📦) was to give a more permanent home to some of the resources I’ve found and/or tweeted. So, without further ado…

stringr «aide-mémoire»

This visual guide (or cheat sheet, if you prefer) was made by Lise Vaudor (@LVaudor on twitter), and originally shared in her blog post, Manipuler des strings avec R.

In case you hadn’t caught on, her blog is in French 🇫🇷, and, while Google translate does a pretty solid job of rendering it en anglais, someone else (@suman12029) found it to be so darn helpful that they translated it into English 🇬🇧 and posted it here on GitHub.

Regardless of language, it’s a helpful intro to the stringr 📦. So, go check it out!

The cheat sheet itself needs no translation 🌏:

Just for kicks, I also exported a version as a pdf, but 💯% of the credit belongs to Lise Vaudor.