DataFramed podcast interview ๐Ÿ“ป

In my personal going-on-a-podcast debut, I chatted with Hugo Bowne-Anderson for the DataCamp podcast, DataFramed. Hugo must be an amazing editor, because it even makes sense!

The episode, Data Nerdism at Large (with Mara Averick), is up on their site, along with links to some of the topics that came up. Since Hugoโ€™s good at this stuff, Iโ€™ll just steal his blurb:

Mara Averick, self-labelled data nerd and Tidyverse developer advocate at RStudio, speaks with Hugo about all things data: what it means to be a data nerd and how data science impacts all of our lives from thinking about toxicology to sports analytics to data for social good and civic tech.

Hard-hitting, super important mentions include:

There are probably others, but Iโ€™m pretty sure Hugoโ€™s got them covered!

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