In the weeks since Strategos Fleet Commander Hadley Wickham1 announced the 🆕 RStudio Community site, its become a pretty happening place. 🤓

One benefit I didn’t expect, but absolutely love 😍 is the discovery of older resources that, despite not being hot off the presses, can still be incredibly useful.

Switching from base R to tidyverse

This thread (🔗 above) was started by Rajesh Korde, who recently wrote a 🌟 blog post by the same name. The post gives what is, effectively, a translation table (see excerpt, below)

However, this wasn’t from the only useful post unearthed in this stream of Q&A.

hipsteR: re-educating people who learned R before it was cool by Karl Broman

Recommended by Edward Visel, Karl (an “early adopter,” and veteran user of both S and S-plus) describes this post as being:

…a tutorial for people like me, or people who were taught by people like me.

plyr to dplyr by Jim Hester

Written when “dplyr [was] still in the early stages”, Jim calls this one:

…a simple demonstration of how to convert existing plyr code to use the dplyr package.

I can’t get enough of the side-by-side layout 😻, so I think it’s worth ogling even if ddply() looks like nothing more than a simple typo to you.

And, speaking of useful side-by-sides…

purrr tutorial: Relationship to base and plyr functions by Jenny Bryan

I’m pretty obsessed with this entire purrr tutorial, but this is a super-extra-special-awesome bit ⭐️! Seriously, as Jenny herself notes:

Regardless of your preference [base or tidyverse], hopefully the side-by-side examples below are a helpful tour of different ways to iterate. Even if you prefer purrr/tidyverse in some settings, you might want base methods when you don’t want any dependencies.

🙌 All done

That’s all for now. There’s lots more good stuff in the tidyverse channel, and on the RStudio Community site as a whole. So, go check it out! If I messed anything up here, tweet 🐦  (@dataandme), or leave a comment.

  1. No, this is not a demotion from “Honourable Doctor Sir Lord General!” I’m making up these honourific stacks, so I get to declare this a lateral move. I’m pretty sure Philip II of Macedon isn’t about to pop his nose-less head in to say otherwise.

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